Website Questionnaire

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3a. Every website should have conversion goals. What Do You Want People to Do on Your Website? Select all that apply:
3b. There are lots of things that users can do on a website. Can you break it down to two parts?
4. Do You Have a Website Now?
Can you make a list of three to five websites that you love and why each of these inspirational websites appeals to you? Bonus question: If you could “steal” one design element or feature from each of these website designs, what would it be?
Do you have photos, video or illustrations that will be a part of the design? They should have enough resolution and value to be incorporated into the design.
Do you have colors and fonts that you want to use? • Will those same colors and fonts be used in the new website?
Do you want training and the ability to add content or elements? • Or is the website just going to live on its own?